who are we ?
Photo de Michel François
Michel François, artist, singer-songwriter, recognized abroad where he hold a series of concerts, radios, televisions, particularly in the United States, decides on return in France, on its native country to bring his support for the artists. Michel, man of heart, close to his public, and to others, also working in the humanitarian humanitarianism, chooses then to create his own Musical Label under the name of Céphéide.
For Michel, this name is as a revelation, that of a star, that of our stars who guides us towards a world which makes millions of people dream through the music and the song, your music and your songs !!!
Céphéide-Label-Music is a production in every sense of the word which gives a chance to all. Our label takes care of all the artists who have a real talent and a desire to share with their public.
For its artists, Cephéide-Label-Music can manage :
  • Recording of their albums and production
  • Promotion and distribution of your cds and dvds and of all by-products by download or by physical distribution,
  • Concerts organization,
  • Creation of their web-site, realization of their video clips…
Céphéide-Label-Music also proposes to the artists to :
  • Broadcast on Radio Soleil Crooner
  • Offer them a presentation page on its sites
  • And soon on its web-tv
At any time, our artists remain free of their artistic choice (no exclusive contract).
Signature de Michel François